How to Fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10

In case you are getting Blue Screen of Death error message often and you can access desktop, then the issue can occur due to old driver or some important updates missing on your PC.

Again the reason for this issue can also be an app installed recently or latest Windows 10 update.

Install updates & drivers

To fix this issue ensure that the device you are using is updated for all latest updates for drives and Windows 10.

Update your Windows 10

Windows actually installs and downloads the updates on its own but there are certain updates that may not be present on your PC. In order to install those missing updates in Windows 10, these steps will help

Open – Settings.

Click – Update & Security.

Click – Windows Update.

Click the button- Check for updates

Updating drivers

If you are receiving getting stop error due to an outdated driver, you can easily install latest update with easy steps shown below-

Open – Start.

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Look for –Device Manager and then click the first result to open it

Open the category which is having the issue.

Right-click on the device and then select the option- Update driver

Click the option- Search automatically for updated driver software

In case there is a latest version for the driver available it will be automatically downloaded and installed..

It is bit time consuming when it comes to new drivers to be available via Windows Update.

In case the steps do not help you get rid of the error – blue screen then the next attempt can be to check the device manufacturer’s site  and download & install the latest (or beta) version of your device driver.

Uninstall drives, system updates and apps

BSoD can occur even when manufacturers/Microsoft launch some  buggy updates for Windows 10/drivers.

Delete Windows 10 updates

In case your machine gets a buggy update, and you are getting access to your desktop then these steps will help you delete the update-

Open – Settings.

Click – Update & Security.

Click the option –  View update history

Click the option – Uninstall updates

Select most recent update.

Click the button – Uninstall

Once you finish with the steps given above the update causing the issue will be deleted from your system resolving the BSOD error.

Remove your device drivers

In case the error occur post installation of a device driver, then follow the steps to delete it-

Open –Start.

Look for – Device Manager and then click the first result to expand it

Expand the problematic category

Right-click your device and then select the option- Uninstall device

Click the button – OK

Once you complete the steps, the error will not exist.

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