How to Fix No Sound Issue in Windows 10

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Post upgrading to Windows 10, you may encounter certain issues with it. These can be sound issues in Windows 10.  You will find various solutions that can help you resolve the sound issues.

You can try the solutions given in this article and try them to find out which one works for you.

Check Connection

Just begin with basic checks like checking the physical connections which are the wire connections between system & speakers.

You can check to see if they are properly connected. Check wire connections so that you are rest assured that they are not loose.

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Default sound Format

Windows 10 offers its users the way to troubleshoot the sound issues that you are facing. In order to check the sound issues you can change the default format of sound as per your preference. At times the default option chosen might be problematic and you get no sound. Here is how to change the default sound option

Right-Click – sound icon

Open – Playback devices

Now you need to set the connected speakers as per your choice and turn it to default, it will be just the option with the green tick which indicates it is the default option and can be modified.

Go to – Properties of default option, click – advanced tab.

Select the preferred option and then check the sound quality and then apply the changes in windows, it will let you manage the default devices and allow them to offer right output.

Check – Audio Drivers

Sometimes there are problems with software drivers too and the steps given below can help you to direct to the software drivers existing in windows.

Press – Windows + X and then open – device manager

Open – device manager and head to sound, video and game controls

From here you can uninstall and re-install them or scan for upgrading them.

Windows OS gives you various options to fix problems manually through different features.

You can just update the driver as and when required and disable the devices connected. This way you can get solutions to many issues that you face with Windows 10.

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