How to Fix Registry Errors in Windows 10

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Normally you come across corrupt registry error when you make changes to Registry Editor. Thus, make sure you backup registry prior to making any changes as the internal settings of Windows OS exists there.

Repair Windows 10

The best method to resolve a corrupted registry in your Windows 10 is via – Windows RE mode, which is – Recovery Environment mode. It is easy to get into Windows RE mode even without booting your Windows normally, and next you need to perform auto repair. To repair Windows 10, here are the steps given below

Firstly, boot into your computer in Windows Recovery Environment. For that start your computer and as the error is displayed or you get login screen, hold down power button of your computer till your computer turns OFF.

For this hold power button for about 5 seconds. When your PC shuts down, you need to repeat the same step to force shut down your computer a couple of times till the computers displays – Preparing Automatic Repair screen.

Just wait for the computer to run diagnostics and enter the – Windows RE mode.

Note: remember, you computer can enter – Windows Recovery Environment in first attempt also. In that case do not try to restart your computer again after it enters RE mode.

After the diagnostics runs fully, you can see the following dialog with options. Click the following option – Advanced Options.

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On your next screen, you can see 3 options – click – troubleshoot option.

Here from next screen click – Advanced Options.

Now, you will get six distinct options to pick from. Now, click on the option – Startup Repair

It will get you to the repair screen wherein Windows runs a diagnosis first and then finds the issues.

The tool displays that the error you were getting has been resolved.

In case the error wasn’t detected and Windows RE fails to fix it, you will get the message accordingly.

After you get the message from Windows RE tool that issues has been fixed, start your computer normally.

In case the error is not fixed you can try other method

Run SFC Scan

SFC Scan (System File Checker) is an incredible inbuilt tool offered by Windows 10 which search corrupt files in system file directory. Once it finds corrupt files it repairs that file automatically. Here are steps you need to follow

Refer to step 1 given in solution 1 above in order to to boot your PC in Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Step 2: After you enter – Safe Mode with Command Prompt, type command given below and press enter using your keyboard-

sfc /scannow

This will let SFC start scanning. For scanning process to complete it may take some time.

Do not try to interrupt the scanning process till it completes.

Once the scan is completed, try and restart your computer in normal mode to check if the error – corrupt Registry error comes up again.

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