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How to turn on Bluetooth in windows 10?

Windows 10 is the newly upgraded version of windows, instantly new features have been added to the box and managing each feature with a compatibility of windows to every single application is being introduced. Windows 10 have been open for all and anyone can avail the updated windows to access, randomly new features have been added and making it better windows provides an efficient platform which makes the working environment feasible and user can smoothly work. There are numerous features in windows 10 which is being newly introduced and makes the work flow more smooth and provides an effective way of learning things.

Coming back to the point, we will be sharing the information that how can you turn on the Bluetooth in windows 10? Is it a bigger task to do?

Steps are provided so it will be easier to understand and follow:

Step 1: Open settings:

It can be open using numerous ways : By pressing Win + I together .

Search Settings in search menu will also redirects you to same window.

Step 2: Click on Devices:

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After clicking on Devices you will be redirected to here as shown in above image and easily manage on/off feature for your Bluetooth in windows  10.

These are the basic steps to be followed to turn on Bluetooth in windows 10. There are few more shortcut ways to open Bluetooth and pair it with windows and other devices.

Find it in a hidden icons and you can connect to the Bluetooth devices with in a click. You can also connect the paired devices by just going into the notification window shown in image below.

Choose connect and this will redirect you to the number of already paired devices and you can easily gain access to it and pair them again if needed. While highlighted box in yellow color shows the on/off of Bluetooth you can easily manage it from here.

Search Bluetooth in the search menu will also redirect to you the same settings page and from there also you can turn on/off the blueooth in windows 10.

See while only typing Bluetooth you can get this and it will simply redirect you to the Bluetooth window easily. These are the known ways from where you can easily manage devices and on/off Bluetooth in windows 10.